Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm Calling for Twenty Ten

A lot buzz about what to call the new decade.  I'm chalking up my mark on the Twenty Ten side of the tally.  Why?  Easy. Direct. Room for growth.  Next we can say Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, and so on through the entire century if it works out that the Earth is still spinning in Twenty Fifty and further.

Having just experienced my 58th birthday, the spinning of the Earth has various degrees of meaning for me but mostly ... it's spinning too damn fast, isn't it?  Whoa!  How did I get to be 58?  But what's more important... how the heck did my kid get to be 35? Talk about "whoa, baby!"

The past year has been one wild ride -- politically, socially, and all the other -ally words.  New president, old issues, debts, debates, obstacles, and crazies.  Teabagging, eh?  Just too funny for words.  I need a bumper sticker that whispers, rather than screams: Yeah, he's black. Get over it.  The old, white, mostly southern and mostly fat people sure are mean and hateful... and AFRAID right now, aren't they? Don't they know that pointing the finger at anybody is all about PROJECTION (meaning all about their own issues).  Pure entertainment -- as they get co-opted into some fine messes.  Ignorance -- that's the enemy, as usual.  I know I'm on the right side of that fight -- down with ignorance - kiss a teacher!  (or just shake hands and smile)

Meanwhile, the snow is falling and I have 1000 words to write.  As usual, I'm turning over yet another leaf in the long and anxious tradition that is WRITING.  Yes, I'll be back in the saddle in the new year -- writing daily and hoping my writing group gets a bit more solid on the support system.  I'm not a great promoter, but I would like to add some new faces and voices to our mix.  If you think of any woman who wants support while she writes, let me know!  The writing forum is:  We Write Stuff.  We require registration and the process is explained at the site.

When I sit down to the keyboard lately, I'm torn between several stories, but I'm going to finish one soon.  I will.  I promise.  Right here in public, I am promising to FINISH this story:  The Cheesy Christmas Story.  The title is going to be changed some day, but for now, it's Cheesy, and it needs to be done already.  Like two years ago done.  That's my goal this winter.  Finish Cheesy and move on to The Drag Queen's Sister.  And I will not be divulging herein the plots or the characters (although you must have figured something out on that second story title) of these fine stories.

If I haven't said it yet, let me be clear:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  And may you find health, wealth, and happiness in 2010.

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