Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve dawns, a bit chilly with about four inches of snow on the ground here and more up on the mountain.  I still find amazement in the variety of animal tracks over the fresh snow.  When do these creatures prance about the yard?  I miss most of their adventures, but love the idea of them frolicking in our snow.

Meanwhile, Santa has been working in the studio... mmm... North Pole Workshop.  Here are a few goodies that might just make it under the tree, if not onto the new website.  More to come, with some Tim Holtz Christmas Tags added for merry measure.

We're off to Boston to enjoy the season with family.  Then we will mosey on over to the Four Seasons and partake of our own little holiday tradition by staying in a delightful room overlooking the Boston Commons -- watching the ice skaters and laughing at children's snowmen and leisurely poking around all sorts of shops, the day after Christmas.


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