Sunday, August 13, 2006

Deadlines. How do you feel about deadlines? Necessary? Unnecessary?
The art of writing is the art of sticking the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair and ... WRITING!
Do self-imposed deadlines work?
I have a very difficult time making myself work on a schedule.
Say, get into the seat by 9 and stay until noon. That's a good start, but I discover diversions -- from this blog and the internet, to reading a book. Having a lot of free time is a godsend AND a horrible cookie jar of temptation.
Sometimes I think I'm improving; sometimes I regress.
I've embarked as "Challenge Czarina" for my online writing group. This means that I create "Challenges" -- almost like small contests -- for the members. Basically it's a deadline. I've set the deadline as one week of writing, but the participants set the number of words. To create fun and interest, I post a prompt: a line, scenario, or even a picture. Writers choose and implement the challenge prompt.
The summer challenges have helped me get back into four stories. I'm excited. Possibilities abound.
Now... I just have to get my butt into the seat.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thought I'd get back into blogging. I can't find my old blog. Okay, I could have said, "can't teach an old blog new tricks," but I didn't, did I? No.
I checked the clock. Too late for anything meaningful to develop at this juncture.
Nite nite.