Wednesday, February 13, 2008


And none too soon. Icky snow, ice, sleet, rain....

Today I'm doing the ALMOST THURSDAY 13

13 Reasons I'm Flying to California

1. Family

My entire family lives in California. Most of them live in Southern California, except my brother Hank, the maverick living in Aptos, near Pebble Beach. Ha! Maverick, you say? Never mind. Everyone else, siblings and mom and son, live in North San Diego County... except Joanne in Laguna, which is close enough to call it even. Haven't seen them, except Geoff's annual Thanksgiving trek/visit to Vermont, since July 2007.

But most of all, I get to spend some time with Mom and Geoff, two people I love most in the world (not counting Steve and Casou, #13). Mom is 83 this year and Geoff is 33 and I don't get to spend nearly enough time with them. Our relationships are GREAT, but I live 3000 miles away. You think that's why? Nah. But I do miss them so much and I'm excited to hang out and just be with them both for a week.

2. Sun

It's not that we haven't seen the sun. No. Sun was out in full force the other day -- clear and brilliant, but the temperature was -1 degree. Mother Nature's little practical joke. I'm really not going for the sun, but the residual benefits will be appreciated.

3. Beach

I probably won't go to the beach, but just being in the environs of the ocean has a wonderful quality of peace and rejuvenation.

4. Shopping

Yea, verily, I say unto you the holy word, "Nordstroms." Enough said.

5. Mexican Food

I cannot write of this without my mouth watering in anticipation. I do miss REAL Mexican food.... you know... the little hole-in-the-wall joints with the paper plates and orange/red sauce dripping down your arm from that juicy burrito loaded with guacamole and salsa that you just plowed into your mouth. Roberto's, Estrada's... hell... I'll even throw in a Rubio's fish taco or two.

6. Convertible

I went to priceline and got a deal on a Mustang convertible. Only in CA would I drive a convertible in February. I've been sacrificing to the Weather Goddess every day just for warmth. I have convertible hair. Ready to go.

7. Friends

Gotta have lunch or coffee with a few old chums. We are getting older, aren't we?

8. Pedicure
Silly, but true. I pull into my mom's and no sooner have I unpacked my bag than we head out to get a pedicure. Here in Vermont nobody will see my toes 'til after Memorial Day, but in CA anything is possible. Oh, you might ask why not get a pedicure in VT? I do when I get desperate, but pedicures here are waaaaaay more expensive than in CA. I figure they're trying to make up for the months we don't bother.

9. Flying First Class

Yeah, I upgraded. Found a great fare. Paid for that. Used my mileage to upgrade. Simple. Leg room and service. Very cool.

10. Sisters

That's sort of like "family" only with constant talking over each other and laughing. I have three sisters. And add in mom. And then we all go to Starbucks (oooh! #11) and once the caffeine kicks in, we start yapping and rarely stop for a couple hours.

11. Starbucks

I nearly forgot. We only have two (or is it 3?) Starbucks in all Vermont and none in this area. I do think Starbucks is overrated (see post below) but every now and then, it's fun to see what they've come up with to make us part with $5. I'm such a sheep. Sheesh.

12. Memories

I won't be able to escape my past. In fact, I'll probably go looking for it, right down Main Street, Escondido, USA. Maybe Mom and I will go to Cruisin' Grand night? No matter. I'll be driving through Escondido and oops! High school days will wander through my mind, and I'll remember so-and-so (probably some guy I dated) and then a story will pop into my head and run like a major motion picture until I see myself with heartbreak all over again. Hey, that is great fodder for the writing mill, isn't it? Especially since my WIP takes place in 1968. Like Geoff used to say when he was a little kid and we'd drive though Escondido and I'd start telling him a story about what used to be in "that place they just tore down." He'd moan, "it's gone. Stop dreaming, just drive."
Oh well... in 1969, it'll be 40 years since graduation. Oh. My.

13. Coming Home

And I do mean the LOVELY welcome I will get when I race through the metal detectors (huh? no.... they won't check me on my way back) .... when I race through those barriers and run into Steve's arms. He'll cry. He always cries. And then I'll kiss him a zillion times and wipe away his tears and he'll hold me like he's never gonna let me go. Ah. And then, I'll get to the car and have to do the whole scene all over again with Casou who loves to kiss me and wiggle for a scratch until we're both cuddled up in the front seat, riding home where we'll all love each other and promise never to travel alone again.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Really. He does. You know how when you go to certain sites you have to "register" -- which is a secret code word (yeah, right) for "we will send your email address to every whack job in the universe so they can send you insane emails".... right? Well, I must have "registered" at least once using my dog's name.

I've been saving up these emails for a T13. Now's the time to unload 'em. I'm not feeling particularly pithy about much else this morning after a foot of snow fell on top of the icy slush we received from the heavens the day before yesterday. One more reason I LOVE VERMONT -- ample opportunities to snuggle inside, drink coffee, and write!

1. Casou Losa, Auto Loans for ANY Credit Type

Without a working thumb, Casou finds driving a bit difficult.

2. Casou Losa, Take 30 seconds to read this email - get the Credit Card you need

He's already maxed on his credit card, but thank you. (No wonder we're having a bank melt down, huh?)

3. Casou Losa, why wait for payday?

Trust me, Casou never waits for payday. Around here, he eats first.

4. Casou Losa, Your Medical Billing career awaits!

Vix, any room for Casou at your office?

5. Casou Losa, 401(k) knowledge is power -- over your future!

If my sneaky-yet-frugal husband could figure a way to salt money into an account for Casou and deduct it from our income, trust me, Casou would have a large money market account, some stocks, and a load of tax-free municipals. Would that he could.... But you know Casou, just a playboy with a spend, spend, spend attitude about life.

6. Casou Losa, Looking for a trade school? Enroll now.

No, Casou opted for a four year degree and a life in academia and never looked back, although at times he's sorry he didn't pursue his secret love of the culinary arts.

7. Casou Losa, Secure your family - Affordable term life

The way Casou tells it, life insurance is not the way to go. He's banking on affordable squeeky toys and being carried upstairs every night and sleeping on the bed. OH. He already owns those perks.

8. Casou Losa, Easy Work

Why work? What could be easier than a dog's life? Eat, sleep, pee, poop, and repeat. A couple chew toys, a treat or two. A little classic rock, some cool jazz. Life is good. And no hassles with Medicare.

9. Casou Losa, Visit beautiful Hilton Head now!

Casou would love to go, but the Amtrak people don't allow dogs on the trains. He loves Four Seasons, because they welcome him with open arms. What's wrong with this picture? Amtrak, going broke, won't allow dogs. Four Seasons, awash in cash (despite overcharging for small rooms and even smaller items in the mini-bar). Go figure.

10. Casou Losa, Get paid to Review Products

The extra income might be handy, but Casou's not sure he can take time away from my writing to pursue his own. Just wouldn't be fair. Wake him later. Maybe he'll reconsider.

11. Casou Losa, Your Windows will look wonderful

Oh, surely you gest? Constant nose smeers. The human folks are not thrilled when they leave me in the car and I just gotta see that German shepherd in the SUV parked next to us. Gotta! Gotta! Gotta!

12. Casou Losa, Does your Valentine have the wrong sign?

No, Casou's Valentine is a dog and all she's waving is her tail, which is sign enough, believe me.

13. Casou Losa, psst, this offer will expire soon

Casou's learned that every email offer expires, only to return to life a day later. He's enjoyed the lesson in patience that email affords, and now, he's back to sleep on the big blue pillow under my desk. Yeah, what a life.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Watch this..... it's goosepimple time!