Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm a Gramma!
(and... my writing group is bbbbaaaacccckkkk!)

Just so you know.... my grand-daughter, Vera, was born on February 5.  She's my fifth grandchild and first of the biological kind, not that I feel much difference.  I love them all -- each is an individual even being so young.  Personalities do show up early.

Here's a picture of Vera:

More about Vera later -- am I going to become one of those people who just blog on and on about the grandkids?  Dunno... we'll see... duh... of course.

Next.... our writing group -- -- is having a great resurgence of activity.  We've added six new members and I'm feeling rather excited.  I need to get back to writing.  I've been focused on sewing, quilts especially, but I really miss writing.  

And here are a couple of the quilts....  the one is in flannel and for my niece, Katie, and her new soon-to-be-born baby boy; and then my Flamingo Quilt which will be entered in the Vermont State Fair this year; and finally, my Cat in the Hat Quilt -- which is two-sided.  One side is only Cat in the Hat fabric and the other side is Dr. Seuss material.  I made up the quilt -- from scratch! -- no pattern!  I'm so thrilled.  I made a couple other quilts, but this is enough bragging.  (oh sure)