Monday, December 21, 2009

New Website - Up and Running

I've had a website account at FatCow for a long time and have only used the forum feature.  Every time I even thought about starting up ZeeStuff, Vt again, a little movie flashed across my mental screen featuring the hours of work to create a website.  But this past Sunday I received an email from FatCow explaining their new "drag and drop" website builder.  Ah, ha! Said I.   Or something like that, since I was still in my jammies with coffee in hand.  A couple hours later I had the bare bones of a site ready to be published.

I'm certainly not done with the site by any means -- I have to take pictures of all my pins and creatures.  I have to sort through all the bags I have stashed away for sale, and probably take pictures.  This will be relatively easy, since I'm now off until January 19th.

I hope the website works.  Anyone who uses PayPal will be able to buy right on the site.  Otherwise, I'm hoping to set up a feature where a customer might email me and work out a design or a payment or both.  This is all new to me and I'm hoping few kinks will emerge as the days pass.

Pretty exciting, huh?  My brother, John, says he's expecting ZeeMarts to pop up all over the USA.  Noooo.... don't think so, but isn't that a cute idea?  He's the entrepreneur.  I'm just an elf working in my studio, churning out all sorts of ZeeStuff.

p.s.  You can click on that ZeeStuff, Vermont header and go see the website... right now!

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