Sunday, January 03, 2010

Storm Continues....

Snowing pretty hard now.   Started about the time I pulled into the garage on December 31st, after going to the grocery store with just about everybody else in Rutland. Man, that place was jammed.  At the time, none of us thought we were shopping for  a storm -- just New Year's Eve and weekend.

Non-stop snow, although often soft and lazy flakes, since Thursday.  Funny how two or three inches a day really does build into... over a FOOT of snow now.  Can't see the neighbor's house.  The guy who plows our driveway has been here 3x since Thursday.  That's probably more than all last winter combined.  Oh well, I'd rather have the "big one" now, while I don't have to drive, than when school starts and I'm on the road at 6:30 a,m.

Oh, and speaking of driving.  I'm not.  Or rather, my car's not going anywhere soon.  Guess what?  Remember that trip to the grocery store on Thursday?  Welllllll.... I must not have thoroughly closed one of my doors because this morning when Steve wanted to take my lovely 4 wheel drive Subaru (instead of his lovely Honda Civic which merely has snow tires), my car's battery was... dead.  Ouch!  Hey! Who knew?

Anyway... I spent some time yesterday playing with a new Photoshop Elements program.  I'm testing it for 30 days.  Here's a shot of Lily. I turned it into a sketch.  Would love to turn it into an oil painting, but so far, that's not working for me.  Well, with the storm, I have plenty of time to practice.

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