Friday, June 06, 2008

Welcome Back!
Answers to the Movie Keyword Meme

Chompin' at the bit , huh?

I almost forgot. In fact, I thought I had set up the answers on automatic post. Oh well. That convenient moment of forgetfulness must have some Freudian undertones. But psychosis is another topic for another day.

I loved everybody's attempts. I was surprised that so many responders aren't big movie fans. I think I must be a "nut" about movies. And... I thought this was so easy --- quite a surprise for me that it wasn't. Yes, I did throw in a couple oldies that seemed very recognizable to me, but were tres obscure for you.

Here goes!

1. epic, love triangle, Civil War = GONE WITH THE WIND
2. farmer, ghost, reconciliation = FIELD OF DREAMS
3. monster, Manhattan, lizard = GODZILLA
4. Christmas, Heathrow, ensemble = LOVE, ACTUALLY
5. Big Kahuna, teen, surfboard = GIDGET
6. revolutionary, flashback, poet = DR. ZHIVAGO
7. bar fight, pie fight, slapstick = THE GREAT RACE
8. albino, Louvre, conspiracy = THE DA VINCI CODE
9. rookie, heroine, cannibalism = SILENCE OF THE LAMBS
10. trash compactor, knight, hyperspace = STAR WARS (the original/still the greatest)
11. midget, skywriting, melting = THE WIZARD OF OZ
12. expatriate, nightclub, sacrifice = CASABLANCA
13. tragedy, leukemia, Harvard = LOVE STORY

Perhaps I should have chosen the very obvious keywords? I wanted to make the game a little challenging.

Dr. Zhivago is told in full flashback.
The Great Race used to hold the record for pies in a pie fight.
I should have pluralized "midget" for The Wizard of Oz, and I thought munchkin was too easy.
The "giveaway" on Star Wars was "trash compactor," the fulcrum point of the movie when our heroes actually become heroes by thwarting death in the belly of the whale and are resurrected to fight and win.
The one that surprised me the most (that was missed).... Casablanca.

This is a fun meme. Try it with your friends at a party? I think teams could compete, much like charades. You could use "theme" movies for a shower (wedding or baby).

Merely brainstorming. Have a GREAT day!

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