Thursday, June 12, 2008


We're off...
like a dirty shirt...
like a herd of turtles...
like ???

We rented a dog friendly house on Folly Beach, South Carolina.
Can't wait to sit in the sun and read through the used paperback books that I've accumulated for just this purpose.

Mmmmm.... what does a vacation give me an excuse to do? Inquiring minds want to know!
Here goes...

THURSDAY THIRTEEN brings you....
VACATION... an excuse to....

1. Buy (one? two? three?) .... well at leaste one new bathing suit.
2. Stockpile all those lovely trashy novels to read on beach
3. Buy (not just read in checkout line) mindless magazines
4. Eat junk food (road trip junk food rocks) without eating calories!
5. Go to the movies (matinee if it rains) without an "official" occasion
6. Buy cheesy postcards for to our friends and family
7. Sit on the beach, under an umbrella, and read those trashy novels (see #2) all day long
8. Rent a house in a faraway land (like South Carolina)
9. Ask (beg?) nice neighbors to water all our plants and veggie garden
10. Drive with the top down (well, how about the sunroof open?)
11. Dine in fancy restaurants and order local delicacies (beer and a dog??)
12. Get romantic in foreign land (or in a different state?) (or in the kitchen?)
13. And the best excuse for taking a "road trip" vacation?

Just "us"... alone and romantic!

(not that we don't LOVE our family, but HEY... we never get to vacation alone...)

See you all in a couple weeks!
We'll be home (and thinking up a new T13 every week) for the rest of the summer.

p.s. Yesterday was my Mom & Dad's Anniversary -- I think this would have been 60 years? Not sure. Trust me... my parents were an awesome couple. Text book. Lovey dovey. Strict but caring. Not sure about the #. Hafta ask Mom. Also...I graduated from Orange High School, Escondido, CA... on June 11, 1969. Next year is the Big Four Oh. oooooh nooooo.... My how time flies when you're havin' fun!

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