Friday, June 27, 2008


I know. I know. Today is FRIDAY. I could claim that I cannot remember what day it is -- I'm in the fog of vacationitis. Days have melted into each other like a dish of Neopolitan ice cream on a hot August day. But it's still June. And rainy. And I've been bored. Bored? Yeah... a slug. Maybe doing this T13 will get me out of my post-vacation doldrums? Worth a try!

13 Items I Acquired (discovered or purchased)
on My Vacation

1. Buckets o' seashells -- every day we walked about 2 miles on the beach. I wanted to find a nearly-perfect conch shell. Alas, no. But I have a lot of great little shells which I plan to use on dominoes or other art projects. Or stare at until I'm transported to the beach -- breathing the salty air, hearing the shush and roar of the sea, digging my toes in the cool sand, and turning my face to the dazzling warmth of the sun (especially this winter when the trees are bare, the sky looms leaden, and the thermometer reads below zero).

2. A big bag of Grits - the coarse, yellow variety. Dinner at the Ryberg's on Sullivan's Island. Native South Carolina shrimp (ooooh delicious!!!) and Grits. My first time to eat grits, I'm surprised to say. Purchased this burlap bag at the Charleston Market -- a fun place to shop.

3. Two bags of Benne wafers - a tradition of Charleston. Yum. Gave one bag to our neighbors for taking care of the homestead. Thanks to John, Rosie, Taylor, and Lilly

4. Two jars of Greek Spices -- from a little restaurant on King Street in Charleston. My friend, Betty Ryberg, gave me a little tour of Charleston. She grabbed my hand and took me into the Olde Town Grille & Seafood. She swears by this jar of spices. I bought some and agree -- excellent! Gave one jar to Lorraine Losa, for gradiously allowing us to use her home as the half-way point in our drive to and from South Carolina. All that, and she cooked meals, too! Thanks Lorraine and Gene!

5. An adorable illustrated book: Very Charleston, by Diana Hollingsworth Gessler. Delightful and informative.

6. Some photos-- only a few and not one of me -- (okay, just the one picture Steve took in which a lighthouse seems to be emanating from my head) (said picture also forced me back to Weight Watchers the minute I arrived in Vermont)

7. Lots of new clothes! (can you say "Fresh Produce Store"? I love this stuff!) I own quite a few pieces of this summer clothing. Everything works, the colors are vibrant, and ... I can't say enough about the value. I've had some of these pieces longer than I've had Steve. Here's the website:

8. One large, new crossword puzzle book (but only did a couple... too much work while on vacation... ha ha)

9. Two completed paperback novels and two others started (put the "done" on Bookmooch and right away somebody mooched 'em)

10. A tan - I religiously wore my sunscreen. Even re-applied. Still, I'm sporting a bit of color from my cheeks to my toes. I'm sure I'll fade soon, but it's nice to feel like my ol' California self.

11. A relaxed state o' mind - isn't a vacation a tiny miracle that refreshes the spirit and rejuvenates the soul and places all the daily hustle, bustle, rant, and worry into perspective?

12. A true love of Folly Beach --- who knew? What a delightful spot for a week at the beach! Wanna go back. Maybe in a couple summers -- I think next year we owe the west coast a week or a month.

13. One shaken, but not broken, marriage! Despite 40 hours in the new Honda Civic. Thank goodness for TomTom GPS!!! Whatever did we do without it? Oh, I remember. I read the darn maps and Steve freaked out and we argued about the turns. Oy. So much more calm , cool, and collected -- both of us!

We wave a found farewell... as Casou walks on the beach....

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Gina Ardito said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I'm soooo with you about #13. Some of our hottest arguments in the car happen when I'm supposed to read the map and tell dh (within the blink of an eye) where he'd end up if he took the next exit...which is coming up...dammit!...there it goes!

Welcome home. You were missed, Lady Z!