Sunday, December 30, 2007


What is it about birthdays with most people? Many perfectly normal people just do not have enough fun on their birthdays, or don't even want to mention their birth date, or current age, or even thank their mothers and fathers for the whole shebang of life. Bah humbug!
Not me. I'm completely agog with Happy Birthdayitis. I adore the fun of birthdays and presents and a full day of pampering moi.

In the summer of 2007, I instituted a practice of "presents every day." Even though I waxed and waned with the consistency and fundamentals of the "presents every day plan," in general, I enjoyed discovering little presents that I could sneak into view for some unsuspecting someone (just about anyone would do) -- usually cheap starchy filler or tiny cards (even homemade), but especially silly, frivolous and fun gifts. The joy of giving can't be beat -- face lighting up, laughter, shy smiles, "oh, gee, for me?" My heart flip flops, waiting for the sheer indulgence of the other's reaction!

I also enjoy receiving gifts. I guiltily admit that I love opening a present. Touching the gift, rotating a box in my hands, feeling the slick, rough, or speckled paper, cutting or untying the curly ribbon, peeling back the layers of tissue to reveal the new item -- a book, a towel, a potato peeler -- doesn't really matter -- it's truly the thought that counts. I'm not kidding. I am thankful to be considered worthy to receive a present that someone devoted some precious moments of life to deciding, wrapping, and sending -- to me! Wow... that's a great deal of care, don't you think? I do. Thanks to everyone who thought of me this year... I appreciate YOU!

Another part of birthdays is... "whoa! oops! we're older." (and I suppose another step closer to the other side?) Well, as they say, the alternative sucks. I love being alive, and I really don't mind (so far) getting older. Some of the little aches and pains and nuances of age are surprising, but in general I find I'm more patient (undoubtedly relative depending on when you've known me), aware, compassionate and mellow. I relish the days and don't feel pressured to amount to anything. Even a slant of light can set me for the day. I love my work and find I'm improving with age... I hope like fine wine. I'm not going to kvetch here about wrinkles and weight and other minuses of getting older. Life is too short to be caught up in eventualities. I'm planning to work harder to be more thankful and happy and positive this year and all the rest. In 2008, I would like to travel more and write more. It's all up to me, isn't it? So, here's me saying to myself... get off your fanny and add some excitement to your life this year. Even if Casou has to travel along -- I'm sure we can figure a way to explore this world with gusto!

Hello 56!

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Zara Penney said...

Happy happy times Zeebee.

(From one old fart to another - just read the board games. wink.