Friday, December 21, 2007

Character Names

Having trouble creating exciting or compelling names for a wide variety of fictional characters? Tired of the same old Heather, Madison, Jonathan, and Franklin monikers that surface in every romance and thriller written these days? Planning to change your identity and move to Brazil? Have I got a deal for you!

I've listed a few completely random choices made on the websites noted here. I don't know if I'll ever use these names, but the process certainly has evolved from printing possibilities on scraps of paper, tossing into an old mayonnaise jar, blindfolding myself, and pulling the winner. I'm sure you will find even more fantastic, real, or crazy names when you give any number of "name generator" websites a whirl.

1-3 generated via this website:

*Wanna write the next elf epic? Channeling Tolkien? Or playing D&D around the world and back again? These names are more in line with fantasy. Remember... I just pushed the button.

1. Zanendithas Arborshate (Male Elf Monk)
Also known as...
Zanendithas the Monk
Zanendithas Arborshate the Monk
Zanendithas Arborshate the Forgotten Foe
Zanendithas Arborshate the Swordsmith

2. Elgretor Alerteyes (Male Halfling Sorcerer)
Also known as...
Elgretor the Sorcerer
Lord Elgretor
Lord Alerteyes
Lord Elgretor Alerteyes the Sorcerer
Elgretor Alerteyes the Teamster/Driver

3.Nerisuvial Chorster (Female Human Bard)
Also known as...
Nerisuvial the Bard
Lady Nerisuvial
Lady Chorster
Lady Nerisuvial Chorster the Bard
Lady Nerisuvial Chorster the Much-Sung
Nerisuvial Chorster the Weaver

4-8 generated via this website:

* I fancy using a couple of these in a medieval historical I'm mulling....

4. Durward Brendan
5. Bernard Knut Skyler
6. Lexy Brigit Deana
7. Janae Beileag
8. Avelina Ulla

9-13 generated via this website:

*Mmmm...this site is way more insidious than the fantasy/gamer name sites. This one creates fake names, addresses, email, visa card #'s and even social security #'s

Whoa, baby! Tres scary, don't you think?
But... fun

9. James L. Watson
896 Gnatty Creek Road
Floral Park, NY 11001

Email Address:

Phone: 516-352-5252
Mother's maiden name: Osborne
Birthday: January 7, 1961

Visa: 4485 1950 7456 2996
Expires: 5/2010

SSN: 098-78-3830

10. Rita L. Martin
4183 Charmaine Lane
Quitaque, TX 79255

Email Address:

Phone: 806-455-2066
Mother's maiden name: Kessler
Birthday: November 21, 1948

MasterCard: 5258 0356 7793 0301
Expires: 2/2008

SSN: 465-22-9499

11. Freya A. Franklin
185 O Conner Street
Pascagoula, MS 39567

Email Address:

Phone: 228-994-0100
Mother's maiden name: Carter
Birthday: June 27, 1972

MasterCard: 5374 0703 4029 6680
Expires: 8/2008

SSN: 427-60-0761

12. Gaston Monrency
2254 Ventura Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Email Address:

Phone: 831-420-5299
Mother's maiden name: Beaujolie
Birthday: January 14, 1979

Visa: 4532 5030 3683 8367
Expires: 7/2009

SSN: 624-24-9686

13. Arrigo Baresi
1598 Lincoln Street
Camden, NJ 08102

Email Address:

Phone: 609-454-7349
Mother's maiden name: Sagese
Birthday: November 17, 1975

Visa: 4556 8349 7768 7179
Expires: 12/2009

SSN: 136-24-6127


Zara Penney said...

Zeebee, mild mannered by day
Maniac by night
Where on earth have you been - you crazy lady! (Did they let you loose or did you escape LOL)

I suppose we can share the straight jacket and bounce on the same padded walls.

Is that called economies of scale?

Zara Penney said...
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Zara Penney said...

Deleted because it came up twice for some reason. Then when one is deleted you get ominous, lurking, deviosity looking "this post has been removed by author" -


Steve said...

Hmm, gotta wonder why there are no 60's babies in that last group? Maybe it is a conspiracy - or they're too busy using one of the first two sites to generate names!
Fun, and perhaps a tad scary, list.