Saturday, March 27, 2010

Okay... um... Week 6 of C25k (oh, that's the new short version of ... "Couch to 5K in 9 Weeks") so far has been truly odd.  

Remember back...... to that terrible-awful-no-good day in Week 5 (last Saturday to be exact) when I looked at the screen and was told to run for 20 minutes without breaks?  Well, I did.  And I didn't collapse from fatigue.  I wondered what they could throw at me next.

Was I ever surprised (yet again).  We were back to intervals of running and walking on Week 6 Day 1.  Hmmm.  Now between that last session on Week 5 and the first session on Week 6 the app downloaded an update.  Do you think they had a glitch at Week 5 Day 3?  Do you think... horrors!... that I ran 20 minutes unfettered for... NO REASON?????  Oh well.

Week 6 Day 1, which was Tuesday, March 23,  was a build up, like this:  Warm Up walk 5 / Run 5 / Walk 3 / Run 8 / Walk 3 / Run 5 / Cool Down Walk 5.  After running non-stop for 20 minutes on the previous Saturday, I must admit that this interval stuff was... dare I say it?.... easy.  Okay, I said it.  Now I'm waiting for the zap from Zeus or whatever god is in charge.  Probably Hermes.  You know.. the runner, messenger god with the little wings on his heels.  He's pretty gay, so I'd guess no zaps, just a slap and a finger wag. 

Week 6 Day 2 on Thursday was pretty straightforward:  Warm up walk 5 / Run 10 / Walk 3 / Run 10 / Cool Down walk 5.  Maybe that was the missing link session?

I have no idea what I'm facing in a few minutes.  It's Saturday and I'm laced up and ready to go.  Just finished my breakfast:  1 cup real oatmeal (not that instant crap), 1/2 cup cherries (defrosted, organic), 1/2 oz mini chocolate chips.  It's pretty much YUM.  I put the chocolate chips on when the oatmeal is hot. They melt and the whole mix is very creamy.  The cherries make it Cherry Garcia Oatmeal.  If you want Banana Split Oatmeal just substitute 1/2 banana, sliced and a couple strawberries, also sliced.  If it's still winter (duh, we're experiencing a blast of arctic air wafting o'er our newly sprouted crocus) where you live, defrost some you stashed in your freezer for smoothies.

I don't know whether it's the running finally catching up with me, or the fact that I've been absolutely religious about writing down what I eat and the points (yes, I'm a Weight Watchers person), but I have lost 13 pounds so far this semester -- well, in the last 6 weeks.  I started both programs at the same time, and I must say, I'm feeling quite empowered by both. 

Remember where I said I had no intention of running a 5K?  Well.... I was reading some reviews of C25K --- digression: the iTunes App Store has two versions, at least, of this program.  I'm using the one that has a brown and white logo with 5K on the front --  continuing....  I noticed that many reviewers were extolling the virtues of this program and writing that they, indeed, ran their first ever 5K after completing the 9 weeks.  I've only been running on a treadmill, so I'm not sure what I'm ready for in the real world.  I like the treadmill for many reasons, the main one of which has been the weather -- as in, I don't have to worry about it.  I've been looking out the window at snow, sleet, rain, and now sunshine (although today it's 24 degrees despite the brilliant sun).  I don't see how I could run with earbuds. I'm using my Bose headphones while on the treadmill and they're fab.  I can't see myself running on the street without getting hit by a car because I had my mind wrapped around a program on my iPhone which was strapped to my... what?... arm?  I can't see it.  So, if I can't run outside with the program, how can I switch to running a race outside?  You see my dilemma (and my mixed up mind), eh?  But ... I have 3 more weeks to concern myself about the next level. I'm getting way ahead of myself.

Onward to the end of Week 6.

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