Sunday, January 04, 2009

Party Like It's 2009?
By now that phrase has faded into the annals of pith and pun, tossed on the compost pile to be covered by snow in a couple days. I should hope nobody used it, but I'd be mistaken. I can't be that original.
Not. In. The. Cards.

Everybody's blogging the New Year, right?
I didn't think to be any different. Turning over a new page in my journal and STARTING. Starting what?
Well, I had the presumption to believe that I would be starting -- a new diet, a new book, a new course, a new way of looking at myself and life. After all, I just whizzed past #56 and am beginning #57.
I'm continually aware of having more time behind me than in front of me and less time for excuses and dead ends.
'Nother silly pun. But really -- REALLLLLLY! Tick tock.
All the stuff that yearns to be written flits around my brain like so much ethereal pink cotton candy swirling and spinning in that stubby-fingered old man's beat up metal tub. My brain churns and I must, must, must get it all down.

I've been sick.
I am a pretty good sick person. I'm easily amused and quite lazy, so being sick isn't even much of an excuse to lounge in pj's, drink tea with honey, and watch videos.
The Jane Austen Film Festival.
The Complete Harry Potter Movie Mania Day.
Guilty pleasures? Okay.... I had 6 free videos coming from iTunes (don't ask) and I could only spend that on t.v. shows, so I.... damn... do I have to admit this? I used them up yesterday in a fit of sheer stupidity and madness. I know, I know. I'm going to regret this. Maybe not today, but tomorrow and forever. I checked off the first six videos in Private Practice. I swear, I don't even like the show, but it's a train wreck. I cannot avert my eyes. YUCK! Well, I watched them all. I'm sooooo done with that -- especially since I can watch (with limited commercial interruptions) on the ABC website. Duh.
What else did I watch while sick??
One Fine Day. You've Got Mail. Adventures in Babysitting.
The Forsyte Saga (I am completely besotted with Damian Lewis -- even when he is a villain. Love knows no bounds)
Out of Africa. Best. Soundtrack/Score. Ever. (mmmmm)
Oh. And...(don't slap me).... I let Mamma Mia play in a loop, just for the upbeat music -- and I am so serious when I say that I was NEVER an Abba fan. Never. Cross my heart. I just love Mamma Mia though have no reason. Just makes me wanna dance. Dancing Queen. 17. Yep.

Now that I have hearing aides, life is a bit more mellow, although,... YIKES! I can hear paper crinkling at 50 paces. Christmas morning was almost HELL -- with the paper ripping and balling up and exploding in my ears. NO.... it's a myth... cannot turn sound down or off. More about hearing aides later, Promise.
Off to bed.
Grades finally done (well, that was a few weeks of major.... in fact PRO crastination... the last day is actually tomorrow). I love myself a little too much, don't I?

Again with the resolutions? Weight: off. Morning Pages: back ON. Writing: FULL on. Blogging: improving (visualize a turtle here)
and that's the beginning of 2009.

Happy Trails!

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Judith Leger said...

So heartily agree, my sweet Zee. The years slipped by so quickly. And look how many I've wasted and on what? Not much. Take care of yourself!