Saturday, January 31, 2009


Every month I change my desktop wallpaper. I've been using a couple different digital scrapbook sites that offer freebies. Usually the wallpaper they offer has the calendar and some slots for pictures -- just like a scrapbook page. I download and add pictures of the birthday people -- you know...the relatives who will be celebrating birthdays in that month. It's been fun.

Well, I went looking for my usual freebie today and stumbled upon a very nice page with 70.. YES! 70 different jpg wallpaper calendars for Febrary 2009. Many choices. Wonderful ART. I'm going to use this one (I hope it can be crammed into this blog)....

The colors are bright and happy. The message is love. What more could a snowbound Vermont girl want?

Here's the site: Smashing Magazine Desktop Wallpaper Calendar February 2009

If you're looking for something rather cool for your desktop, I don't think you'll be disappointed. In fact, I might just download a couple pictures and change during the month. February is, after all, the shortest month. One of the calendars on this website says "9.5% Less Month" so I'd have to agree. Short. Sweet. LOTS of birthdays for us. How about you?

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