Friday, January 09, 2009

not just for playing and stacking any more...

For almost a year I've been immersed in the little canvas that is a domino. If you look at a one of these rectangular pieces of ivory (okay not exactly ivory, but epoxy of some kind) you'll see that the flat side is vacant -- just begging for embellishment!

I began this fetish when I saw some examples on a few websites while I ranged high and low for new ideas. Whoa! Just google "dominoes" and look for the sites that might have some reference to "altered art" and you'll find some very nice pieces of art work. Here are a few sites for your pleasure:

Altered Dominoes
How To Guide to Domino Art
Domino Art
The City Chicken

I have produced quite a few pins mostly using Tim Holtz (tm) Adirondak Alcohol Inks for the base color. Alcohol ink is perfect for non-porus surfaces and plays rather amazing games when mixed, especially if metallics are added. I sold some of my work this summer. are a few of my original pieces:
Click on the above picture, to see the individual dominoes up close and personal.

(Yes that that one with the tree includes "fractured lyrics" -- you know... when somebody thinks they know the words to a song, but they're wrong. Bring us some friggin' pudding! I sorta like those lyrics better some how... than the original...)

I'm working on a series for Valentine's Day, plus some retro pieces.

Next up on my horizon: MICROSCOPE SLIDES! yes.... faux soldering. Very cool stuff.
Here's a website for you... (your eyes are gonna pop!): Collage Slide Pendants

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Pajama Dren said...

I've seen Zee's dominoes; they are even more beautiful than they look in these pics. She made a cool Sgt. Pepper one for me.

Zee: I think you should start giving workshops or classes in making these. Mine haven't come out as perfect as yours.