Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today we've rolled a double 13.
It's Thursday 13 x March

I've been rattling around the house, considering my options.
Okay... how about a list of the Thursday 13 ideas that I considered and scratched?

1. Thirteen Ways to Avoid St. Patrick's Day Parties
2. Thirteen Ways to Improve Your Rotten Attitude
3. Thirteen Ways to Track Down Dirt on the Internet
4. Thirteen Ways to React to Bad News
5. Thirteen Recipes for Meatloaf
6. Thirteen HOT Vacation Destinations for Snowbound Vermonters
7. Thirteen Excuses for Missing Speech Class
8. Thirteen Favorite Text Message Abbreviations
9. Thirteen Books I Am Willing to Trade
10. Thirteen Reasons to Elect a Democratic President in 2008
11. Thirteen Ways to Save Money During the Recession
12. Thirteen Pets I've Never Owned
13. Thirteen Ancestors I Want on My Family Tree

Was gonna explain each, but don't have time. Some are crazy. Some would just make me crazy.
What T13 categories have you considered and rejected?

Wanna swap?


Gina Ardito said...

I am soooo stealing this for another T13.

International Vix/Gina/Sherlock

Chumplet said...

That was fantastic! My problem is I haven't found 13 things yet to reject.

Debora said...

If you've got some surefire ways to combat #2 and #4 - please enlighten me...great list. :)