Saturday, March 01, 2008

March 1


I adore pigs. I do. Something about pigs always brings a smile to my kisser.
But really. Pig Day? Who thinks up this stuff?

I am back from California, where the sun mostly shined and all I did was EAT.
So.... I guess we are celebrating.... me being a "pig" day?

I'm late with Thursday Thirteen, since it's Saturday.
Vix has tagged me with a meme.
Who coined that word? Is it a word? What does it really mean?
I do not have six people to "tag" but I will attempt the Six Random Things About Me, right after my big Pig Day celebration lunch. How's that?
And no, we are not having pork or any pork products today.
But I will try a Turkey Bacon and Tomato Sandwich, just for my piggie friends.


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