Thursday, March 06, 2008

Okay, I'm playing along with the Vixster. She started or continued this meme. What's a meme? Someday we delve into that. Not now. Here are the "rules"... Go to your music program (iPod or whatever) and click on "shuffle." Use the following basic list of 13 "Times of Your Life," but substitute, in order, the songs on your random shuffle list for the songs I found on mine. You can copy and paste. Easy? Sure! Add any comments you want. I usually do. Duh.

1. Opening Credits: Born Free from Henry Mancini in Hollywood -- hmmm nice sweeping opening

2. Waking Up: I Know a Place by Petula Clark (oh, soooo 60's and upbeat -- reminds me of my youth)

3. Falling in Love: Goodnight My Love by Harry Connick, Jr. (very romantic! sleep tight my love)

4. Breaking Up: The Searchers -- title number on soundtrack from the movie with John Wayne. You know... the movie where he's looking for his niece who has been captured by the Apaches. Talk about a break up... years of searching... slogging through the desert, wind, rain, snow, heat. Oy yoi yoi.

5. Life's Okay: Moon River by Henry Mancini (yeah, I have a lot of soundtracks on here.... like to write to these) Who wouldn't love life if Moon River accompanied you everywhere? Hmmm... black dresses and pearls.

6. Mental Breakdown: What I Did for Love -- from the original Broadway soundtrack of A Chorus Line. Yeah, that fits, all too well. Isn't love the catalyst for every breakdown in life. Surely.

7. Flashback: Run for the Roses by Dan Fogelberg (ah... how poignant) Tears here. Lots of tears.

8. Getting Back Together: March of the Bulls by Hugo Montenegro (very macho...very challenging bullfight scene. I see a thrilling encounter here!)

9. Wedding: Ready to Take a Chance Again by Barry Manilow (hey! how'd he get in here? jk... I love Barry.. .he has his place, and I guess, having wed three times, this is tres fitting for my life movie... oh yeah) (weird, huh?)

10. Birth of Child: All That Jazz from "Chicago" sung by Bebe Neuwirth. Good. That's a fun song. Geoff's birth is a very sunny memory. 6:30 a.m. I heard the train whistle in the distance. Sunlight through the window. A very small hospital in San Luis Obispo, CA. The same small town where I was born. And the only time I lived there was when I was born, and once again when I delivered Geoff. Never lived there any other time.

11. Final Battle: Lost in Tuscany by Rachel Portman from the soundtrack of "Only You" -- a great place to face a final battle... I adore Italy. I must have been a Roman in a past life.

12. Death Scene: Hedwig's Theme by John Williams from Harry Potter soundtrack. Oh, that's very magical. I like that.

13. Ending Credits: Cast Your Fate to the Wind by George Winston from Linus & Lucy. Perfect. I've always envisioned that piece as sailing music... sailing away. Nice soft fade to black..

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Gina Ardito said...

I have so many of the same songs on my player, Zee (including that guilty pleasure, Barry. It all started with Mandy, a book by Julie Edwards aka Andrews that I read and adored and around that time in the 1970's, this new guy released this song--but I digress.) You've got some great stuff in your soundtrack. Thanks for playing with me!