Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hair Style......
I know I said I'd let my hair grow out completely before I made a style decision. My hair is so thick (and I'm NOT complaining). It was weighing me down. I needed some softness around the face and some bounce.

Isn't a new hairstyle just the thing to lift the spirits? I feel terrific today. Last night I flipped through pages of hairdo websites. My only complaint is... WHERE ARE THE sophisticated/mature/worldly WOMEN???? I mean most of these styles are for girls/teenybopper/starlets w/o brains. Oy!

I wanna be Helen F-ing Mirren, not the latest rehab/ho case.
For all of you who may not know Helen Mirren (and finding a picture of this gorgeous woman was tres deficile) -- she only won an Oscar in 2007... sheesh.
Here she is, not that I'm ready to go white/gray:

She makes me want to stick with Weight Watchers, get back to size 10, and finish writing my novel(s). You go, Helen! WOMEN... we need more clout!

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Chumplet said...

Your hair looks lovely, my dear. Mine grows so quickly I have to get it cut again. Like yours, I have thick, wavy hair and it has a mind of its own.

Ditto on the grey.