Thursday, October 18, 2007

1. Brenda Starr and Basil St. John
2. Dagwood and Blondie
3. Mickey and Minnie (Donald and Daisy)
4. Wilma and Fred Flintstone (Barney and Betty) (Pebbles and BamBam)
5. Bert and Ernie
6. Yogi Bear and BooBoo
7. Little Nancy and Sluggo
8. Betty and Veronica (Archie and Jughead)
9. Marge and Homer Simpson
10. Lady and the Tramp
11. Beavis and Butthead
12. Judy and George Jetson
13. Superman and Lois Lane

The Sunday funnies provided me with a reason to read. Nothing could be finer than to spread newspaper all over the floor, to drink hot cocoa, to sit by a roaring fire, to read every comic in the latest edition. Or watch the Saturday morning cartoons the very first time that peacock spread her feathers for NBC, in living color. Wow. Cartoons were amazing -- all pinks and purples that had never been seen. Comic books? Banned at our house (tool of the devil? I have no idea what my parents were thinking). Relax and remember -- good times, with characters we loved, when we were kids.


Gina Ardito said...

Lots of fun couples there. Loved Brenda and Basil (my sister actually had white fur muffs at her wedding because that's what Brenda had at hers--we couldn't find the black orchids, though. LOL!)
Lady and the Tramp, my favorite Disney couple. And who didn't love the Flintstones. How clever is that concept--even 50 years later. Take The Honeymooners and send them back to the Stone Age, but with modern conveniences. Brilliant!

Chumplet said...

Brings back great memories! We still watch a lot of those cartoons.

Paisley Scott said...

I remember when I couldn't make a move without first grabbing the comics section out of the paper every Sunday. I loved it SOOO much. My fave was Haagar the Horrible and his wife Helga. And Bloom County. And ALWAYS a nice big dose of Peanuts. Ahhhh... what a nice trip down memory lane. Thanks, Zee!
Great T13!