Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Disclaimer:  I have had a mad crush on Tom Peters since I practically inhaled everything he'd written back in the day of my doctoral work.  

Stumbling onto his blog today: Priceless.  I will be spending future time in Tom Central.

Here is what I discovered today.  I'm so happy to listen to this and I hope to bring this short video to my students in the next comp class.  

This is Why I Write... well.... moreover... why I spend TIME writing and working on writing and practicing writing and writing in journals and ... I hope you get the idea:  WRITE!

By the way.... stop Kelly Clarkson over on the sound machine while you listen to this short video.  Trust me, this is cool, especially if you believe in writing.

Here's Tom Peters (okay, he's a little older, but ... so am I) (I'm just sayin')


Norma Sachar said...

Zee, How did you insert the video into the blog body?

I've tried everything and can't add a video into my blog. So, when all else fails... ask for directions.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks
from your friendly realtor in No. CA

Zee said...

Norma... I copied the "embed" code from the original film (usually in the bottom right hand corner of the box). Then I pasted it directly into the "new post" box --- you know, where you type up the post.

That's all I did. I've never had much of a problem with this. But I haven't tried anything directly. It's always from a source like YouTube. I think one of my first posts, way back, is a video of Eric Clapton and JJ Cale. I wonder if it's still here?

I think if you want to upload your own video, you have to use a source, like Photobucket. Upload to that first, then use their code in your post. Photobucket used to be free, but that may have changed. For almost all photos (except here in my blog) that I post on forums, I have to upload to Photobucket, get a code, and paste it into the box where I'm writing. Even on my own forum(s).

Does that help? If not... you could try the help page at the blogger site. They might have better "how to" info.

Norma Sachar said...

Nope, Blogger is no help. Actually, it talks about a "video" tab to use,next to "photo" tab. Well, the "how to" video is old and the video tab is missing at the current format. I checked forums - everyone is complaining about this problem. They all say the same thing - when is it gonna get fixed??

Then you appear with a video in the blog. LOL I am going to try your instructions and let you know the results. Thank for responding so quickly. You must know how impulsive I am... gotta have an answer now cuz I want to work on it NOW. LOL

Hey, did you get any of the snow storm they're talking about or are you too far North?

Norma Sachar said...

OK! Successfully, I added a video to the body of the blog!

I am going to check out other options to streamline the whole download video process. I have a Flip camera thats so amazing... but I have been downloading it to Flip software on computer. Can't move it to Blogger .. embed code missing.

Thanks for your help. Norma