Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can't Believe This

Okay, okay.  I'm being skeptical about myself.  But this is good fodder for a blog.  I could actually channel this into 9 weeks of writing on the blog.  That would be like Julie and Julia, right?  Duh.  No.  

So, you say, "What the hell are you talking about, Dr. Dippy?"

Oh, yeah.  Here's the deal.  I'm in my second week of training.  Training?  Yes.  Is that not a complete surprise?  Seeing as how my idea of "movement" is typing, writing, lifting books, rocking and reading ... you get the picture.

I added this cool app (formerly called an application but I see the joy of shortening) to my iPhone:  Couch to 5K.  I've been pretty stagnant ("oh duh" again mon amie) over the years.  I don't really enjoy running.  My legs always seem to hurt and I'm a whiney poop most of the time -- at least inside my head where the whining reaches epic proportions in direct response to the pain in my legs, calves, and shins.  But I digress (another "duh" and I'll have to stop the car...).  The app is a training program which offers a timer and voice noting the training session.  I use this in conjunction with listening to a book as I do the session on  my treadmill.  I'm sure this would also work out on the road, but I don't know about headphones and traffic, so I'm taking the safety option and doing this while gazing out the window at 2 feet of snow. Works for me.  

The program, at least so far, speaks to me during a half hour session and is meant to be used three times per week with at least one day between each session.   The listener is admonished not to over-do.  And I am more than happy to oblige.  I'm in my second week and I've been pretty religious about the routine and days.  I'm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at the moment.  I could swap Sunday for Saturday, but so far I like the schedule as is.  

Week One consisted of walk 90 seconds, jog 60 seconds, and repeat that for the half hour, with five minutes of warmup and cool down bookended around  the session.  At first, I admit, this left me a bit breathless and wondering if I could finish.  I know it sounds silly.  After all, what's 60 seconds of jogging, for goodness' sake?  I must say, I was sooooo excited when I actually DID IT!  I was home alone, but telling the dog how wonderful I was... lah dee dah.  

This week (#2)  it's walk 2 minutes, jog 90 seconds, repeated.  Again, at first I was worried and it was a struggle to keep going to the end of the session.  But... I did it!  

What's my goal?  Do all the sessions.  See what happens.  I'm seriously working my Weight Watchers program, too -- with an added hint of the "Flat Belly Diet."  Yeah, that is the worst name for a diet in the universe of diet names.  But the ideas in the literature are sound and I'm enjoying the challenges.  Eat four meals a day, four hours apart, and each meal 400 calories.  Low "bad" fat, but including lovely "good" fats such as nuts and avocados.  Small meals like fish, chicken, and veggies.  Very satisfying so far!

Anyway... I could use some support.  If I really do have readers out in the ether, I'd love to hear from you every so often.  Encouragement is a good thing.  So is the visual of that size 10 dress I wanna wear to the next big event.  (Okay, now I'm beyond "duh" and just plain laughing aloud.  I haven't worn a dress since I moved to Vermont in June 2001. That's 9 years of dressing down.)  But... a girl can dream.

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