Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen -- I, Voyager

Okay... here's what I'm gonna do.... (you're thrilled now, huh? expectation sends chills up your spine? you tingle with excitement! you sit on the edge of your swiveling desk chair! you yawn and mutter, "Get on with it, BloggerGeek!)

I am going to pull 13 cards from my Voyager Tarot deck. I love the Voyager deck because it's visual -- each card a collage of photographic images. The deck names the suits differently. The suits and their counterpart names in "traditional" decks are as follows:

Wands = Wands - spiritual
Crystals = Swords - mental
Worlds = Pentacles/Disks - physical
Cups = Cups - emotional

Also, the sixteen face cards (4 suits/4faces) of the Minor Arcana are named differently. Here's how they correspond to traditional names:

Man = King/= mature/master masculine energy = transformer/builder/external
Woman = Queen = mature/master feminine energy = introspective/self aware/internal
Child = Page/Prince/Princess = young energy/new growth
Sage = Knight = androgenous/experience/embodiment of the element on the card

Each minor arcana card has a word on the top. I'll add that, too.

Twenty-one cards of the Major Arcana ( in the Voyager called Personality Archetypes; other decks call this group "major principles of life") are also named, in some cases, with different terms from the traditional decks. I won 't list all of these cards. In the list of 13, if I pull one, I'll explain the counterpart in the note.

I will call this the "Next 13 Days" reading. I'll give a very brief note to each card. Onward and upward.... I've shuffled four times -- for the four directions. I use my hand, infused with energy, to choose each card from an arc of cards laid across a velvet cloth. I merely take my palm and scan it across the cards -- when my palm tingles, that's the card. Here goes:

13 Cards for 13 Days

1. Thursday, May 15 - Two of Wands - Purity. Time to be true to myself. Good start!

2. Friday, May 16 - Three of Crystals - Creativity - Ideas are germinating, waiting for birth. Yes, I've been working on writing and art. A lot. Ready to go!

3. Saturday, May 17 - Two of Crystals - Equanimity - Time to be detached, resistant to the jumble and confusion of life. This makes amazing sense. I'm going to be babysitting two small children at a carnival. Oy.

4. Sunday, May 18 - Eight of Crystals - Synthesis - Use the sides that are artist and scientist for mental harmony, balance and evenness. That would be the "the creative artist" part of me + "the technician" part of me -- making way for each other and blending. Yep.

5. Monday, May 19 - Woman of Worlds - Preserver - Since "worlds" represent the physical, this card is telling me to nurture and provide physical support for myself. Clean the studio, clear the desk, I'm thinking.

6. Tuesday, May 20 - Two of Worlds - Reflection - In this time of physical relaxation (my summer vacation) and mental contemplation (see #2 above) I need to crystalize my plans, live simply and be frugal -- not to buy stuff that will cloud the mind. I do tend to "shop" when I'm in fear -- like when I get blocked in my writing life. That's a great admonition to remember.

7. Wednesday, May 21 - Six of Crystals - Confusion - Ideas grow and then you're overloaded The richness of ideas creates mental conflict and indecision. The inability to organize. However, out of chaos comes creative insights. Yes, I've been going NUTS about which story, of several, to complete. This card says I have to quit being cerebral -- get out of my mind. Time for a bath! Great idea!

8. Thursday, May 22 - Ten of Wands - Growth - A tree grows upward (spiritual) and downward (roots/grounding). A tree expands and blooms. Since we are in spring, our trees are flowering and fruit is beginning to emerge. I can say the same about my work. By next week, I may be bearing fruit. Something tangible? Let's hope so!

9. Friday, May 23 - Eight of Cups - Stagnation - Not exactly a word I enjoy. This card signals the possibility of emotional fatigue and flatness. Things could become sticky, swampy, blocked, dry, suffocating, and dead. That's the emotions. I can see that happening should I not heed the other cards. Time to meditate. I've had that answer several times in the last few days. This card tells me to heed the universe's advice -- or else.

9. Saturday, May 24 - Child of Crystals - Learner - Time to explore like a child -- open to new ideas. Explore the cave of my mind -- the way it works and its pitfalls. As this week evolves, I'm sure I'll have to sit and do just that.

10. Sunday, May 25 - Time-Space XX -- Traditionally known as "Judgement." This card speaks to the ability to see the causes and effects of mental and behavioral patterns. To understand who I am and where I am going. My visions and ideas bubble forth AND I need to watch the tendency to dwell exclusively in my mind -- beware of spacing out and ignoring my physical and worldly needs and responsibilities. I need to ground my perceptions. I take that as use my imagination -- the creation of stories -- and get them down on paper.

11. Monday, May 26 - Moon XVIII - this card is about natural intuition (feelings and dreams) that allow me to awareness -- to see patterns, read dreams, understand symbols. Wisely, the moon also portends the feeling of "out of control" emotions. So, be aware AND watch out.

12. Tuesday, May 27 - Six of Worlds - Synergy - Combine and interweave inner and outer resources. I have to make all the parts work in cooperation -- like a team -- to achieve my goals. I think that's becoming clear in the reading.

13. Wednesday, May 28 - Three of Cups - Love - The pink rose, the unfolding of my heart center. The card says I have to love myself -- find an inner union between my masculine traits (drive and responsibility) and my inner traits (creativity and awareness). Love is the glue to build anything -- especially a body of work.

Considering the overabundance of "crystals" cards reflects a time of much (great?) thought. Many of the cards speak to balance and union. Something creative is emerging. The message is to pay attention, nurture myself, and don't STOP. These cards say that I have the tools. I need to use them. I know. I know. You say, "Well, duh." Okay, okay, I heard you.

Looks like I have a heckavah two weeks ahead of me. With the exception of the carnival and a haircut appointment -- my calendar is clear. I see some writin' ahead, don't you?


Gina Ardito said...

Hmm...looks like some serious writing is in the cards for you, Zee! Enjoy!

maggie's mind said...

Wow, definitely the first time I've seen a 13 list anything like it :) Sounds like you are going to be a busy girl. Happy TT!

Denise Patrick said...

Wonderful list. I love people who understand tarot cards. Oh, and, do you know you have two #9's in your list?

Thanks for visiting my TT!

December said...

OOh - I should pull out my tarots and do a 3 card read... thanks for the reminder!

Happy scribbling!