Thursday, November 15, 2007

13 Pumpkin Pie Variations on a Thanksgiving Motif
(and a partridge in a pear tree?)

HUNDREDS of pumpkin pie recipes linger on the web, just waiting for you to discover them. I closed my eyes and touched the screen and gave you the first 13 that popped into my view. This week, instead of using all that space posting the full recipe (see Turkey Madness below) I gave you the link. If the title piques your interest, go in search of pumpkin enlightenment. I especially like Chiffon Pie and didn't get to it on this list. But Thanksgiving is still a week away. Hmmm, is practicing (i.e., tasting, savoring, sneeking whole pies)... fair?

1. Pilgrim Pumpkin Pie topped with Honey Ginger Cream -- Your basic pumpkin pie recipe (see Libby's can?). However, to Make Honey Ginger Cream: In a large bowl combine whipping cream, 1/4 cup honey, and 1/2 teaspoon ginger. Whip until soft peaks form. Chill 1 hour before serving. Place a spoonful on top of each slice of pie. Link to the recipe

2. Maple Walnut Pumpkin Pie -- You know I'm all about maple (VT Rocks!) and this pie sounds wonderful... except in the fine print, use maple flavoring. Okay, it's probably cost effective? Link:

3. Pumpkin Orange Crunch Pie -- Not to worry. Just orange zest and the ever-popular walnut additions. Link:

4. Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie -- Use gingersnap cookie crumbs to make the crush, et vi-ola! Link:

5. Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie -- Secret ingredient, often given away in the title, is adding a cup of apple butter. Oh, and the crunch this time relies on pecans. Link:

6. Pumpkin Toffee Pie -- Ooooh, add those cool little toffee bits. You know, the ones you find in the aisle with the bags o' chocolate chips. Verrrrrry interesting! Link:

7. Dee's Spirited Pumpkin Pie -- Yep, you guessed it! Add booze, hence "spirited." This recipe calls for dark rum, but I'll bet you could add a favorite, as long as the spirits enhanced the pumpkin. Link:

8. Pumpkin Maple Pie Supreme -- I admit that the "supreme" sucked me right into the recipe, even though I already have a maple at #2. This one has... dare I say it... REAL maple syrup! Huzzah! To celebrate maple with even more gusto, add REAL maple syrup as you're whipping the cream. Cool, huh? Link:

9. Old Fashioned Paradise Pumpkin Pie -- The recipe blurb says, "This triple-decker pie has a cheesecake layer on the bottom, pumpkin custard in the middle, and a pecan streusel layer on top. Paradise!" Oy, da calories! Link:

10. Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie -- Every party has a pooper that's why we invited you... Here's the blurb on this one, (as if you're really gonna bake it...ha!) "A sugar-free alternative to traditional pumpkin pie. Aspartame sweetener is not heat stable so be sure to add the sweetener after the pie filling has cooled to 145 degrees F (62 degrees C)." Looks like I forgot the link, but I'm sure all you need to do is substitute Splenda for the sugar. In fact, you could cut the fat content by substituting EggBeaters for the eggs and using non-fat evaporated milk. If you can't handle going all the way to non-fat, try low fat. Same goes with cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk -- use the lower fat substitutes and do not skimp on the spices. Happy Holidays!

11. Gourmet Pumpkin Pie -- If they say so. Blurb: "A very different pie than the traditional pumpkin pie." Looks pretty basic to me. Adding pecans, sweetened condensed milk, brown sugar and cinnamon to the pumpkin base. Link:

12. Mincemeat and Pumpkin Layer Pie -- Two for one!! This might just cut some corners! "This is pumpkin pie with a twist, a layer of mincemeat topped with a layer of pumpkin. Just the thing to put the zing into traditional pumpkin pie! " Link:

13. Luscious Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie -- Oooh, baby, baby! I think we have a winner! All the major food groups are given a nod: maple syrup, vanilla ice cream, cookies for the crust, whipped cream, and chocolate curls. It. Could. Work. Link:

Well, that's it for me. Of course, to tell you the truth, I'm more an Apple Pie fan. Maybe we can conjure some great apple quotes from fine writing, or continue with the fine dining motif? Until next week then.... Happy eating and Adios Ye Olde T13 Amoebas!


Gina Ardito said...

Yum, yum! I make an eggnog pumpkin pie (replace the milk in your pumpkin pie recipe with eggnog.) But that ice cream one's looking awfully tempting.

Zee said...

OOh, I love it. Egg nog? Wow! That's a great idea! Thanks!

Paisley Scott said...

OMG!!! These are so yummy sounding!!! Thanks soooo much. The gingersnap crust looks grrreat.

Chumplet said...
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Chumplet said...

I like how you guys are gearing up for the big Turkey Day and I already had mine a month ago. It wasn't nearly as exciting as your holiday.

By the way, I tagged you from my blog. I don't know how to make the linky thing work here, so I'll just pop in the url if you don't mind:
2007/11/speaking-of-memories.html. Participate if you wish, but I think everyone would be interested in your earliest memory.