Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A friend... Miz Gina Ardito... has suggested this exercise. Even though I'm not quite awake (having written into the wee hours of the morning), the spark has ignited a smoldering little fire. Okay, that metaphor is trite, but I move on, head held as high as I am able at this juncture. Oy.

Here goes.

in no apparent order although I considered chronological but discarded it on the grounds that my brain has still not received enough caffeine.

I've decided to figure out categories.. sort of.

1. First Sexual: Lost my virginity after the prom, 1969, in the backseat of my boyfriend's Rambler. I'm sorry to be so cliched. At the time, I was consumed with love. Sad, sad, sad.... you didn't think it would turn out romantic, did you? He dumped me. Boo hoo.

2. Political: Gladly volunteered to Walk A Mile for Kennedy -- that was Bobby Kennedy, 1968. When he was assassinated, I told my mom I was moving to Tahiti. Sad, sad, sad -- but not deterred from politics. If you're not part of the problem, you're part of the solution.

3. Purely Adventurous: Packed all my worldly goods, quit my job of 20 years, and moved from California to Vermont. Thank goodness. What a great idea!

4. Motherly Pure: Raised a fabulous, wonderful, handsome (inside and out) son, Geoffrey, who is a talented artist, clear thinker, good friend, and funnier than almost anyone I know. Thank goodness for Geoffrey!! I'd do it all again. He's a gem.

5. Educational: Because I love (never past tense) learning, I earned three college degrees. My little son once said, "Mom, are you ever gonna quit going to school?" Obviously not. Still "going to school" almost every day.

6. Wander lusty: Traveled alone to Paris twice. Just to walk the boulevards, linger in the Louvre, tear fresh, warm soft baquettes into tiny pieces while strolling to the Eiffel Tower, and sit in the dark, incense musky Notre Dame, contemplating the amazing accomplishment of dedicated artisans and anonymous workers 'lo those centuries ago.

7. Just Plain Lusty: Jumped in the car wearing ONLY a coat (yes, NAKED) and drove three hours, through LA at 3 a.m. and into the night, to surprise my then boyfriend.

8. A Little Seduction: Posed for a series of nude photographs (for that same boyfriend) at a classy, discreet (woman) photographer's studio. Some of these are packed in a box in the garage. Nobody (well, 'til now) knows. I figure that ought to be QUITE the surprise after I'm dead and gone.

9. Disgust: Tried an oyster shooter on the urging of yet another boyfriend. Ugh. Never again.

10. Later Sexual: Made love on the hood of a '57 Chevey in the moonlight. Well, not actually "on" the hood. More like draped against the hood. Not very visual, is it? Now that I think about it, not very comfortable for moi either. Jeez, what was I thinking? Not.

11. Rebellious: While a freshman in college (1969), went on strike against the War in Vietnam. Those two "F's" are the best grades on my transcript.

12. Masochistic: Taught junior high school English for 20 years.

and drumroll (not for the content so much as for REACHING #13!)

13. Married three times. Gotta keep doing it 'til I get it right. Each love is a story, wrapped in my heart -- chapters in a life that I do love.

And that's all I could muster.
Now for breakfast!!!

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Gina Ardito said...

So why don't your characters do some of these things, kiddo? This is amazing (and sometimes way too visual) stuff. LOL!

DD said...

I had no idea you were a wild child! Amazing is the best word :)

Sadie said...

My, my Zee, what a fabulous and adventurous life you've led! I'm going to make my husband read some of these things...

Paisley said...

For some reason, you remind me of Tom (before he went cuckoo) in his undies with the Ray bans on singing the good ol' rock and roll song (Bob Seegar). Now I KNOW you were a wild child, m'dear! And ya know what? I love it. It makes you my idol!
*HUGS and big ol' kisses!*

Chumplet said...

Can I be you? Just for a day? Please?