Thursday, June 07, 2007

Good morning. Not only tweaking the blog, but finding out how little I know/understand/want to know about html or even the easiest of settings. Hopefully, navigating this lovely blog will not be difficult, will be (perhaps) enlightening, or might be, dare-I-say, FUN. Who knows?

I'd like to embed a video here. A good reminder for the summer (and the rest of the seasons).
Life is short.
My latest thing is: PRESENTS EVERY DAY!
Yes! I am giving presents every day. To somebody. Mostly my husband.
And yes... I would really, finally, absolutely... love to get presents back. One can only HOPE.

Here's today's present to readers (are such out in the world?)

And then... we're going on a short vacation... to the Maine Coast. I see LOBSTER... lobstah?... in my future. Lotsa, lotsa LOBSTAH. Clams? Yes, those, too!
And do have FUN while I'm gone!

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