Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back from a fabulous week in Maine.
Forgot just how soul-refreshing it is to wake up and savor the ocean: soft breezes, salty tang, and soothing water. Hmmmm... so glad we trekked to Maine.
In addition, the culinary flavors rocked my dietary resolve.
I ate my first (and only) lobster roll, delved into scallops, clams, and of course... Maine Lobstah!
I've resigned myself to a summer of hard work and careful planning -- after checking out the only pict of moi. Oy! those are my chubby cheeks... say goodbye to butter.
Something about summer sends belief to the forefront, doesn't it?
My soul feels expansive.

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Drennan said...

These pics are so, so wonderful! Steve's grandchildren are just about as cute as you can get! Thanks for posting them.

I miss you!