Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I finally found something to LOVE for Christmas.  But.... do I really NEED it?  No.  And I can't in any universe rationalize spending... okay, I'll say it... something like $6000 on a .... sewing machine.  Unless I could drive it, sail it,  and it would also organize and write my syllabus each semester.   Oh, and take out the compost.

Actually, the machine is amazing.  It's an embroidery machine.  Yesterday I saw an actual photograph that the machine stitched (yes! stitched!) onto a piece of fabric.  The stitching was so fine and the shading was exact --- looked like a photo portrait.  Like f-ing photoshop on a sewing machine.  Wow. And the machine is programmable -- can do all the quilting in fifty bazillion styles.  Right now I've been avoiding the actual quilting part of the quilts because I don't have a snazzy machine to do the stitching.  Soooo....

Anyway... this is the first day of My Christmas Wish List.  Since it's a Wish List and not a "real" list, I'm putting the Husqvarna Designer Ruby at the top of my list.  I don't see it listed at Amazon, so here's the direct link:  http://www.husqvarnaviking.com/us/2820_19505.htm

Weather here:  expecting 50 mph winds and mild temperatures at about 40 degrees.  Yay Stick Season!

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