Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thirteen To Do Today

1. Take Casou, my darling Coton de Tulear, to the groomers. After a summer of fun and road trips in his very own carseat, the little boy is a sponge of mats. I'll be lucky to pick him up at 5 and probably will pay dearly for my undue diligence.

2. Meditate. I'm using a great podcast found on iTunes. Free. My creativity increases when I return to my practice. It's fall and I'm cleanin' my own house, metaphorically, of course.

3. Download, to my iPod, the latest book I bought on Let's see...that would be The Quest, by Wilbur Smith. I'm a sucker for adventure in Egypt.

4. 30 minutes on the treadmill. Hence, #3. HEY! I'm starting again.

5. Stay on my points for WW. As in #4, I'm starting again. After taking the summer off to eat my way across the country on that Road Trip (yes, I'll have the fries, thank you very much). I gained 20 pounds and now must face the piper, rather the scale, plus my pants are verrrrry tight and I gave away all my larger sizes when I lost that 40 pounds. I. Can. Do. It..... Again.

6. Read Oedipus Rex. This is for the Western Lit class I'm teaching. First time in ages. Actually gotta read the books. Well, it could be worse. How? Hmm. Well, I could have had to actually PAY for the books. Ha!

7. Write Quiz for Oedipus Rex.
What? You thought I'd let those kids off the hook? No way. If I gotta read, they gotta read. And a quiz seems to place a fire under their sophomore posteriors. Muuuuuuaaaaaawww.

8. Load of laundry. The weather here is heating up, so I can still hang the clothes on the line. Mmmmmm! Love that fresh air smell!

9. Make and send birthday card for Geoff. OMG! He's gonna be 33 on Sept 9. No way he can be that old if I am only 17. I believe in MAGIC!

10. Celebrate (sort of) the One Year Anniversary of Steve's Heartattack. ...Or as I like to call it... Our First Wake Up Call. Yes, a year has passed. He's in great shape and seems to have weathered all the ups and downs of rehab, mediations, and tumbles onto his face. Bravo to my husband! What a guy!

11. Play with my new doll, Agnes Dreary. Here:

12. Get to bed by 11pm. Insomnia be damned. I get up at 5:45 a.m. since school started and I'm suffering from sinus headaches with the change in seasons. Soooo, I really need the extra sleep. Please.

13. AND....... Write 2000 words in my Cheesy Christmas Story. I pledged this many words for the latest RWU Challenge. I've got 1800 words to go by midnight. Ya think ? No sweat!


Gina Ardito said...

Happy Birthday, Geoff! And good luck with all those goals, kiddo! I think you'll need a few extra hours today. Twenty four ain't gonna cut it. :-)

Zara Penney said...

Happy birthday Geoff and is it really a year since that Life Changing Event. 30 minutes on the treadmill I am inspired. Agnes Dreary rules! and
Oedipus Rex...

That'd drive me to maths or physics!

Cheesy Christmas is rapidly approaching Zeebee. LOL